About Us

We Are

A nonprofit formed in 1977 to help homeless and hungry children, families and individuals in Rocky Mount, Nash and Edgecombe Counties, North Carolina. Our operating funding is primarily from donations.

Our Mission Statement

“To provide a nurturing and supportive environment for homeless and nearly homeless families and individuals as they move toward wholeness.”

Board of Directors 

Cindy Worthy – BOD Chair
Dave Johnson – Vice Chair
John Barker – Treasurer
Faye Sprye – Fundraising Committee Chair
Bertha Battle
Fred Belfield
Bridget Rogers
Debra Slavin
Scott Williams
Richard Joyner
Linda Brinson – Executive Director

2018 Achievements
  • In 2018 we provided emergency shelter for 303Individuals for a period of 90 to 120 days
  • Life Skills Training
  • 100% of all residents received intensive case management

Bassett Center

  • Sheltered 36 homeless families, including 46 adults and 91 children in 2018
  • The majority of the families entering the Bassett Center are Nash and Edgecombe County residents
  • 23 of the Bassett Center Families successfully completed the program and transitioned into stable affordable permanent housing
  • Outreach services provided to over 100 homeless and nearly homeless families
  • The Bassett Center maintains a waiting list of 20-30 homeless families seeking emergency shelter
  • 100% of all Bassett Center residents receive intensive case management


Community Kitchen & Food Pantry

  • Over 80,000 meals served from the Community Kitchen daily Soup Kitchen in 2018
  • Over 500 food boxes distributed from the Food Pantry with the help of local food pantry distribution sites