rapid-rehousingUCM’s Rapid Re-Housing is a successful community strategy for ending homelessness. The intent is to minimize the length of time an individual or family remains in the limbo of homelessness and to help the household quickly re-establish stability. In the safety and predictability of permanent housing, they are encouraged to choose how, when and where they will address other life problems or goals using mainstream resources. Rapid Re-Housing resolves the crisis of homelessness; the rest is up to the individual or family—and their community support systems. Rapid Re-Housing can provide financial assistance in the form of security/utility deposits, rent/utility payments, rent/utility arrears, and application fees. All assistance is based on individual assessment and case plan. Rapid Re-Housing also provides housing stabalization case management to resolve issues that are barriers to achieving housing stability. in 2013-2014 Rapid Re-Housing provided nearly $40,000 in financial assistance to qualifying adults, children and families.