We always welcome new volunteers to the UCM family! Below are a few of the many ways you can help transform a life, and make a contribution to our on-going ministry! Please contact us if you would like to volunteer!

If you would like to volunteer please call 252-555-1234 or complete the form below.

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Bassett Center

  • Office Clerical work
  • Child Care
  • Meal Preparation and serving
  • Clothing Closet Assistant
  • Tutoring
  • Family Mentoring
  • Landscaping outdoor beautification projects
  • Computer IT assistance
  • Computer Basic classes
  • Arts and Crafts activities (Bassett Center Children)
  • Special Event for families (Easter, Valentines Day, 4th of July, Labor Day etc.)
  • Fitness Health and wellness sessions


Community Shelter

  • Community Soup Kitchen Volunteer –Food preparation and service
  • Community Food Pantry Volunteer – Prepare and distribute food boxes
  • Bible study
  • Motivational Speaking
  • Office Clerical work
  • Driver UCM Transportation
  • Fitness Health and wellness sessions